Thing 4: Blogging Begins with Reading

  • Blogs can be intended to exist in their own dark bubble of cyberspace, like my daily journal (which is unlinked, but not so difficult to find). Others rely on comments and actually encourage feedback by putting out provocative/controversial viewpoints (dy/dan: no homework policy) or asking questions for their readership (cat toth: i love it when…).
  • As a blog becomes more “successful,” it may have a devoted readership which forms a community around it and perhaps even feels much ownership of the blog too. At this point, I would guess the writer needs to be willing to concede an increasingly larger degree of control of the content.
  • In other forms of reading, I generally don’t have any means or notions of contacting the writer like I do with a blog. The exchange of ideas is one-way. However, I suspect there are a growing number of exceptions to this, where writers value the interaction with their readers and are finding ways to achieve this aspect of blogging’s personality. Steven Hall created a discussion forum in his web site, for his book of the same name.

This is enough for now.

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