Thing 19: YouTube and Me

I use YouTube frequently in class to show clips which illustrate concepts we’re studying. For example, students are fascinated by Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity, because some topics, like time dilation in particular, are so bizarre and non-intuitive that it’s difficult to believe, much less understand. I’ve found this clip to be valuable in aiding student comprehension.

My students made a music video as a final project and they loved having have their work posted on YouTube. This video by Erin is titled “The Physics of Going Green.”

Students really love the idea of having their work displayed on YouTube. However, YouTube will disable the audio track of videos which use music recognized as copyrighted.

And just for fun, here’s La Camisa Negra by Juanes. ¬°Baila!I’m not finished yet… check back later! or not.

One thought on “Thing 19: YouTube and Me

  1. Wow — Erin Nakashima’s “The Physics of Going Green” is SO COOL. Big ups for designing and faciliatating such a kick-*$% project!

    Juanes is a throwback to my LA days . . . thanks for the extra shot of nostalgia!

    p.s. Adaptation & Being John Malkovich are awesome; Kaufman is a genius. Haven’t gotten around to The Orchid Thief yet, but the incentive is there!

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